Clients Benefit from Hillview Programs That Emphasize Individualized Attention and Wellness-Oriented Therapy

Full Service Partnership (FSP) Program for Adults

FSP is an outpatient program designed for chronically mentally ill adults between the ages of 18 and 59 with co-occurring substance abuse problems or who are at risk for frequent hospitalizations. Clients have access to a full range of mental health specialists and a 24-hour response team at their homes or in their communities. The therapeutic support of the FSP program helps clients live in stable housing, form mutually supportive peer relationships and take advantage of local educational, recreational and cultural resources in their communities.

Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) for Adults

Clients ages 26 to 59 are the beneficiaries of this program. FCCS is designed for people who have mental health or co-occurring substance-abuse disorders and lack a support system. They may be at risk of incarceration or homelessness, or at risk of suicide or have experienced several hospitalizations. FCCS clients receive care from professionals, mental health specialists and medical specialists at Hillview facilities and in their homes as well as at community centers, and board and care facilities.

Full Service Partnership (FSP) Program for Older Adults

FSPOA serves people with severe mental illnesses who are 59 years and older and have unique age-related requirements and sensitivities. Many mistakenly believe that depression inevitably accompanies old age. Some fear the stigma of mental illness and avoid professional help. Through this focused and hands-on outpatient program, older adults with limited coping skills receive specialized therapeutic and medical treatment, reducing their risk for homelessness, incarceration or frequent hospitalizations.

Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) for Older Adults

Clients who are 59 years and older can receive Hillview professional care at Hillview facilities, senior centers, in their homes, and at convenient meeting places in the community. FCCS assists seniors who may be abused or neglected, suffer co-occurring disorders, are at risk of incarceration or homelessness, may be suicidal or have been repeatedly hospitalized. Hillview professional staff members work with partner agencies, such as the Alicia Broadous-Duncan Multipurpose Senior Center, that can recognize subtle signs of problems and will refer seniors to sources of help.

Full Service Partnership (FSP) Program for Transitional Age Youth

Young men and women between the ages of 16 and 25 with mental illness appreciate the additional recognition by professionals that their mental illnesses are inextricably connected to the difficulties of finding their places in life. They can receive FSP supportive mental health services from Hillview at home or in the community. The aim of FSP is to help clients stabilize their mental health and formulate and pursue educational and vocational skills leading to independent living in the community.

Transitional Age Youth Services: Asserting Self-Reliance

Young adults 18 to 21 years old with mental illness or co-occurring disorders and who leave foster care or the juvenile justice system can live semi-independently in housing provided by Hillview. They receive psychiatric care, basic life skills training, employment counseling, education assistance, and guidance in obtaining appropriate county social services.

Wellness Center: A Gateway to Recovery

Clients in this program are 18 years and older, ready to take increasing responsibility for their mental and physical well-being and require minimal services. They use the Wellness Center to continue their progress. They take classes to improve their health, social skills and personal interests. Healthy Living classes include nutrition workshops, exercise and programs for smoking cessation. Self-help and peer-supported services include the full range of “anonymous” groups and domestic violence support groups.

Hillview Clubhouse: A Casual Drop-in Center

The Clubhouse is an informal meeting place for clients who are 18 years and older and living independently with the help of a strong supportive network. At Hillview, they socialize, attend group meetings to improve life skills, and share insights about their experiences and progress from people who understand their situations.

Adult Residential Center: An Innovative Public-Private Alliance

Hillview operates a 12-bed, short-term, 24-hour program on its residential campus for people in mental health crisis who might otherwise be on the streets or hospitalized. In a public-private alliance with Los Angeles County-operated Olive View – UCLA Medical Center, Hillview provides case management, mental health services, meals and medication management support. In intense programs such as this, clients recover faster and return to safe settings while easing the burden on psychiatric emergency rooms and inpatient hospital units.

Hillview Village: Permanent Housing for the Formerly Homeless

Hillview Village, located steps from Hillview Mental Health Center, opened in 1994 as the first San Fernando Valley Section 8 residential complex offering permanent housing to homeless people with mental illness and providing them ready access to mental health services on the same campus. It is home to 49 rent-paying residents who live in studio and one-bedroom apartments. Housing and mental health professionals agree that independent living in stable housing raises wellness rates among homeless mentally ill adults and reduces the use of inpatient services, including detoxification and substance abuse treatment. Read more

NOTICE: Hillview Mental Health Center, Inc. received in 2012 and 2013 AB 1290 and Lopez Canyon funds from the City of Los Angeles to help defray expenses for services provided to CITY residents who have mental illness. The eligible expenses are for the provision of mental health and other health services as well as rent subsidies and eviction prevention expenses.